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  1. Alumni Association

    A Group Headed by Leaders of CUG Went to See Alumni in Inner Mongolia and Expand Joint School-Running

    The website of Henan alumni sodality of CUG was set up

    Warm Congratulations to The Establishment of Henan Alumnus Sodality of CUG

    CUG Euramerican Student Association and Association of Students and Staffs Studying Aboard was set up

    The Initiation of Guangxi Alumni Association of AACUG

    The Second Session of the Council List of Alumni Association of China University of Geosciences

  2. Donations

    The Postgraduate Alumni of 84-Grade Donated to Alma Mater---CUG(Wuhan)

    Set personal example and inherit excellent virtue

    10 old alumnis' deep sentiment to Alma Mater

    General Engineer of Bird’s Nest came to CUG and presented a model of Bird’s Nest

    A special present from the coast of the Yellow Sea

    Shanxi Chamber of Commerce in Hubei set up a scholarship in CUG

  3. Honorary graduates

    Alumnus Hu Lianjun was Awarded the Highest Horror of UN—“Peace Medal”

    Outstanding Alumni Ma Yongsheng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

    A letter of Congratulations to Alumnus Zhou Qi

    Outstanding Alumni Ma Yongsheng Came Back to alma mater

    Congratulations to an excellent CUG alumnus Huang Fangfang

    Alumna Dong Yuexia was awarded the title of China Top Ten Excellent Youths

    Flourishing Flowers Ⅱ was published

  4. Alumni Events

The CPC Hubei Provincial Standing Committee—Zhang Changer Visited Academician Zhao Pengda

Zhao Pengda Winned the Distinguished Service Cross Awarded by Russian Academy of Natural Science

Zhao Pengda Was Awarded the Honorary Life Member of International Association for Mathematics and Earth Sciences

Yellow River Mining Group Co., Ltd Donated “the Laboratory of Functional Carbon

Sun Jinlong Had A Discussion with CUG Teachers and Students

“Jinfan Scholarship” Awarding Ceremony was Held

Alumnus Zhou Chongwen was Elected as “Pioneering Figure of 30 Years in Shenzhen

92-Grade Alumni Hu Lianjun was Awarded “Peace Medal”by UN

Prof. Mo Xuanxue, academician of Chinese Academy of Science, was Invited to Make a Report in CUG