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Short-term Chinese Language Mobile

Teaching language Others
Degree Non-degree
Duration half a year - 2 years
Start date September,2016
Tuition fee RMB6000/S
Application fee (RMB) 400 (RMB) / 70 (USD)

The students will bedivided into classes according to their Chinese proficiency level, and allcourses of different levels consist of Chinese language, listening, spokenlanguage, writing, reading, lettering and other compulsory courses of Chineselanguage skill. To satisfy requirements of students and encourage students tostudy Chinese, we also offer a dozen of optional courses of Chinese languageculture and knowledge such as Chinese history and culture, Chinese Geology& Geophysics as well as cultural experience activities such as Chinesecalligraphy, Chinese painting, HSK tutorship, Tai Chi, Chinese Kungfu andChinese seal cutting.